Unfashionably Internationalist is a podcast about staying true to your principles when they’re even less fashionable than your haircut. How do you stay true to an internationalist vision in a world where nationalism is on the rise? Featuring a range of guests from the radical left to the centre right, all united by their belief in a global community.


Unfashionably Internationationalist is hosted by Phil Doré. He was a county council candidate in the May 2017 elections. From August 2018 to October 2019 he was national organiser for Wales for Europe. He is currently a member of the Wales Green Party.

When not in pursuit of a better world and a better haircut, he has spent a decade working as a mental health nurse, mostly on the frontlines of the NHS. He also spent a period on the autism team of the Welsh Local Government Association, developing autism services in Wales.

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